Experiment 5-7 October Squad War


As you probably noticed the experiment is having four level players in the squad. Idea is to see if we avoid facing seven level 10s in next war (matchmaking starts at 6 PM today). 

Focker and Rico have been dropped – Rico because they always seem to have at least two attacks left over after a war. Focker has yet to edit their Sullust base as posted while back (I gave up asking in chat) to match their normal base with a defended HQ.

Which lv4s will play have not decided. Hoping Planetbuster will be viable but Fundin needs to confirm it is for capturing planets. Our newbies TNT not really spoken much, but I know Darth Vader and Hung So Low are keen to play. Problem is as state side cannot be on till late on a Thursday. 

Last match was reminicientof when I swapped two absent lv7s for two level 9s. Recent promotions to 8,9 and 10 made our base rate higher compared to out fighting abilities in last war.

Aim is to avoid that, hence experiment. 

Key lesson from last time: no point attacking planets you are unlikely to take when we need uplinks to stay in the lead or to win. Yes we need everyone to learn how (see guides on website pages) but not when uplinks are needed! 


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