New battle Orders

Forget Planets – they are gone. We need 6 uplinks to perhaps win this.

1MoBe and Mandalore are two very easy lv9s to fight. Really they are lv 8s

1MoBe has sent 10 opp 2 lv 7/6 turrets

Mandalore sent 3 opp 2 everything else 8

Get their six uplinks we win this. Get four/six we might just make it.

Good luck! 

Rancor Defence!

Rancor heroic defence has started again. First time seen my sonic turrets go against them, and they work wonders (level 9 is the prize for those wondering about level 8 being worth it). 

What is your defence strategy against them? I like using Luke/Chewy/Kessen and in squad centre 4 speeders 2 snipers. I try to deploy so the heroes and troops go through the buildings of my base – giving them more cover.

Good luck catching them! 

Squad War 21-23 September 


We have Lem in for WRD2 who is trying to get last few things upgraded to be ready to go to level 10. That will mean Greg and Fundin will be going for the six of the best.

Make sure you study the base layout before initiating attacks – we must keep single left over uplinks to a minimum. Remember that 24 hour period before attack phase means you can tap on a building/turret/droideka and gets its level. Use that time to do so!

As always ensure if you need level 9 units donated you mention that in your Sullust request, and others ensure only level 9s donate it.

Good luck, and may the force be with us all!

Let us get more members!

We have eight spaces which we need to fill to bring the squad up to 30. By setting the medal requirement to minimum 500 hopefully will reduce those that are playing for a few days then disappearing, or do not have a clue how to play. 

Please could you leave a comment on my advert here on the swcommander forum which will help to show we are an active squad. Does not have to be an essay! 

By logging on you will also be able to message me via the forum too. 


Yes Kessen Lv10 will destroy Squad Centre

First defence against Kessen – would be a lv10.

The rumours are true as you can see from screen shot – using magnetic pulse Kessen lv10 will destroy a Squad Centre.

Just shared replay in chat – while I have it in my log ask to see. My new base still only yielded one star despite that. 

Best defence is work out line of sight from droideka to squad centre and place traps/defences accordingly.