Squad War 24-26 September

Well done on our 37 V 33 victory 

WRD2 will have upgraded their oppressor & sentinel in time for this war. Thanks to Lem for stepping in for him. Matchmaking showed just how tough it is for level 7s! 


As usual around 6PM London time today will start matchmaking – if you cannot play please let me know as always well in advance. At the moment we only have Lem responding and willing to play Squad Wars – we need to get new members!

So if you have not already, please leave a comment here on the forum encouraging people to join our squad. Thanks to all who have so far! 

Do check out the planet guides – just waiting for Dandoran to come up in a war so I can take a screen shot and do a guide for that. You can find that and other useful info on the pages section (either tap the three horizontal lines near top of blog or scroll to near bottom of the blog to find links to). 

If you have unlocked a planet, or wondering which one to do, check out and comment on the planets we have unlocked


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