Rancor Defence!

Rancor heroic defence has started again. First time seen my sonic turrets go against them, and they work wonders (level 9 is the prize for those wondering about level 8 being worth it). 

What is your defence strategy against them? I like using Luke/Chewy/Kessen and in squad centre 4 speeders 2 snipers. I try to deploy so the heroes and troops go through the buildings of my base – giving them more cover.

Good luck catching them! 

One thought on “Rancor Defence!

  1. My strategy is:

    Changing Base Layout by moving Hero Command & Starship Command under Shields (they focus on them first).

    Y-Wing Bombers (like traps)
    Chewbacca, Leia, Luke
    SQ Center loaded with 4 Speeders & 3 Medics

    Reached my best defense with 7% of damage.


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