The Plan for War

The usual tactics will apply – get the planets to begin with. Val will go for Hoth & Takodana, Dogma for Tatooine.

Dogma will hold their remaining two attacks for Tatooine take back.Val will have one remaining attack left for planets. I will look out for Tatooine lv9 while awake. So help out with the others as game goes on. 

Roger will look out for Tatooine during US night, and when they go to bed Hel will guard Tatooine. They will need help with Takodana and Hoth – but if you have never taken those planets it is better you go for uplinks while they are there. For tomorrow, I need AND to keep 2 attacks back for Tatooine if they are free for take backs. 

These players must only be attacked by Greg, WRD2 and Fundin: Han Solo, Wowkster, Felix, Chard, bowlofpeas, maddog. My recon on them and the other level 9s can be found here. I want you three to save your last attacks for contingencies, so talk to me about using them before you do. Obviously use them rather than waste them! 

Once we have the planets get your attacks in ideally within the first three hours of war. The level9s not mentioned above are very weak with level 8 defences. However, if the level 10 has given everyone level 10 troops that could make up for it. So be sharp. 

Report how tough the squad centre was – and if it was empty mention that. Indicates how organised a squad is knowing that. And if you do not get 3 uplinks give Intel on the base.

The level nine’s have mainly level 3 planetary commands – so hopefully Hoth and Takodana will be left alone compared to Tatooine. We must control that planet to win. See the planet guide here on taking Tatooine and other planets (work in progress). Everyone needs to learn to take Tatooine at level 9. So as Hoth and Takodana fall be up to those not guarding Tatooine to go for them.


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