Learning from our defeat

The first thing is as a team we lost. If we had got more 100% attacks when holding all the planets, if attacks had taken planets instead of failing, if more people could take planets, if everyone had been available to take part as normal, if if if … it’s not one thing.

It is a team effort – and the bottom line is we got 40 uplinks they got 44 uplinks. That sucks because we win so often. Suck it up, and make sure we come back stronger than ever.

Proud that you all – well 14/15 – tried to get the win. Your dedication to the squad and team spirit is great to see in action. It is an honour to lead you.

To help us in a close fight have these suggestions to put into effect: 

1) As well as Roger holding back for planets; Helraiser will be holding to take over when Roger goes to sleep. That way there will be someone on to get planets.

2) We will need people to get used to taking planets – that might mean holding off attacks so you can get a lv7/8 so when it comes to a lv9 you have an idea what to expect.

3) Read the planet guide here. Mine will help lv9s to take – Helraiser has written one for lower levels regardin Tatooine and Takodana. As other planets come up will create guides with screenshots of where to deploy.

4) Subscribe to the blog by email – it will give my latest order regardin what to do next. Reading chat instructions get lost. On the blog not the case. I plan to give Hel and Roger access so they can post to get word out if they need assistance.

5) The minimum to fight will have to be a strong level 7. We cannot afford to have people who cannot take uplinks off level 8 players.

6) I will allocate the hardest 6 bases during preparation in consultation with Greg/WRD2/Fundin – ie 2 each. After that, it will be mopping up uplinks or guarding planets depending how the war is going.

7) None of this holding back for planet retakes unless you can take them – while we have the planets you get your attacks in to grab uplinks.

8) If you fail to get 3/3 you post in chat or on the blog intel to help the next person to take.

9) We are very good at holding planets for the first two-three hours of a war. So that is when people should be getting all their attacks in.

10) if you are going to be late for war/unavailable/doubtful you must let me know before the 6PM UK Wednesday/Saturday start time. Likewise that you are now available having said you might not be!

Two losses in over thirty wars is a remarkable achievement. We just need that extra in a  tight contest. Hopefully these ten points will help for them. Open to suggestions in comments – best do here rather than in game chat for lack of space etc.


2 thoughts on “Learning from our defeat

  1. I really don’t understand many algorithms of this game…

    This is our last war opponent compared to us (right):

    mando’a Rebel3Squad
    Rank 161 238
    TrueSkill™ 32059 31293
    Wars 24 24
    Wins 19 21
    Draws 0 1
    Losses 5 2
    Uplinks captured 953 963
    Uplinks saved 287 525

    With the same amount of Wars, with more victories by us, with 3 loss less than they did, with 10 more uplinks captured, with double uplinks saved…, they are so much better ranked and have a much higher TrueSkill ????

    What is wrong with them?
    Surely, something is wrong here !!!



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