Squad War 7 September 2016 

A very good start saw us on the maximum 45 uplinks with 24 attacks left, in just over three hours, against xACTIVEx who have yet to live up to their name.

Dart Maul lv10 took Tatooine then went in quick succession for lv7 litri for 3 uplinks, then 0 uplinks off Nemisis. Seeing they were rush building waited and then retook Tatooine lv9. Their Russian lv10 failed to get any uplinks off litri near start of war.

Considering all they can manage is a draw – and there is no incentive beyond pride playing for that in the game – might hope all over. Dart Maul reminds us that the Sith will spare no expense to get revenge.

Protect the planets. Well done all!


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