Focker can you edit your Sullust base?

I have tried talking in chat but unfortunately Focker you do not seem to read it after asking for troops or attacking during Squad War.

Though you edited your home base to be more defensive protecting HQ:

Your HQ on Sullust base for last few wars remains relatively unprotected:

Hopefully you will also get round to upgrading your turrets and shields (lv7 or8 at mo). But at least editing your base in next 24 hours can be done fairly quickly. 

Please read chat, or ask what is happening, before you attack. We work as a team. 

Communication is our biggest weapon. 

Thanks and sorry had to make this public. Will delete the post once noticed. 


2 thoughts on “Focker can you edit your Sullust base?

  1. I go back to the Doctor the 8th Thursday war day if I can’t be on at the start of war I will be a few hours late , I hate missing the start of are wars the existing battle of the planets and first link grabbing 😜 .


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